Mass in Spanish / Misa en espanol 12:30 Sundays

Equipo Liturgico A Maestro de ceremonias:

Equipo Liturgico B Maestra de ceremonias:

Mass in English Sundays 10 am

Liturgical Team, Coordinator Duane Jonke-Burke

Cooperative Supported Agriculture Harvest Astoria, Coordinator:

12 Steps/12 pasos AA, NA and OA, click here

Dance Group Tambores Latinos Fridays 6:00 Р9:00 pm

Youth Group (once a month) Coordinator Fr Juan

Catechism / Catequesis Director of Christian Education Sarah Jonke-Burke

Wednesdays Community (Mass/Misa 7 pm) church office

Divine Child / Divino Nino Confraternity (1rst Saturday of Every Month) church office

Vestry / Junta Parroquial,
Warden / Guardian Belaid Belkaid;;
Warden / Guardian Librada Anthony

Commission of the 150 Anniversary / Comision del 150 Aniversario
Alma Bock
Daniel Osorio