What to expect on a Sunday visit?

The Church of the Redeemer is a vibrant community of faith serving Astoria and New York City for 150 years. We are a very diverse congregation with people from many parts of the world. Our common languages of worship are English (10 am) and Spanish (12:30 pm).

There is parking in the back of the Rectory, accessible through the driveway on the right, immediately past the hospital on 30th Ave. and Crescent St.  Enter the church through the parking lot door, which is the first entrance on your left.  Wheelchair access is through the main door of the church on Crescent St.

If you are on the subway, take the N train and get off on 30th ave stop and walk down in the Manhattan direction for 3 blocks, turn on the hospital corner to your left, and you can see the black stones of the church.

The preaching is contemporary and progressive, it seeks to appeal to your daily life and to the greater narratives of our times (check our sermons on sermon archive in this page). Environmental crisis, social justice, cultural anthropology, religious violence are some of the many topics that we deal with.

If you bring a child to worship, please relax, we have many and nobody feels bothered by them, really, they are participants in worship. From October to May there is a regular class that take place during the service in the social hall. Occasionally the priest or somebody else will address the children at the beginning of the service.

The music is traditional Episcopal Church hymns, occasionally there will be more contemporary sounds. The service can be described as traditional in style. It can go from very elaborate for a festival to very informal for a regular Sunday.

We welcome everyone to communion, it does not matter how long was the last time to received or what church you are used to go. Even if you do not want to receive communion, come around the altar and cross your arms over your chest and the priest will give you a blessing. Children receive communion regardless of age, but if you do not want him or her to receive, the same crossing of arms will suffice.

After the service is over we encourage you to come to the parish hall, through the back of the church and have a cup of coffee, tea or coco and feel free to talk to the priest or anybody else. There will be healthy and not so healthy treats for you and yours.

One last thing, there has not been a dress code here since before the 50’s; people come as they are.

Come and visit us! fatherjuan@rcn.com or 718-2788093